Hard Floor Cleaning


Maintaining Tiled Floors

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Floor should be swept and dust mopped daily,   following which soiling and marking can be removed using the appropriate method (or combination of methods for a (systems approach) described below.



Clean Floors Sell Property

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With property prices predicted to raise in 2015 according to six of the expert commentators, it’s a good time to get your property in order and make the most of its potential value.


Cleaning Limescale Deposits Off Slate and Stone Floors

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Limescale deposits can be a real issue if left to accumulate upon surfaces. They often affect taps, sinks, hand basins and tiled floor and wall surfaces. The mineral deposit builds up into an unsightly mess eroding the surface that it bonds to.

Tile and Grout Floor Cleaning – Identify your Tile

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Before attempting the task of tile and grout floor cleaning, it would be a big help if you first identified what the tile is made of. This may be slightly tricky in some cases, as in today’s wide ranging floor tile marketplace one material may be made to replicate another.
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